Prosaic Aphorisms – A Cautionary Tale :)

April 6, 2012: Hello there stranger!

Hola! Welcome to my teeny tiny world… I am a wrinkled grape, a reject, fallen onto the ground – waiting to turn into a “raisin in the sun” before the vineyard is put to “better” use, converted into a greenfield πŸ™‚

Running on empty, with miles to go… running through extremely humid & Β scorching summers, with a fewΒ balmy days in between in this odd little place in the Middle East; my shoes are ruined.

Held them together with 3M Super Glue πŸ™‚

I miss the pleasantly sunny summers & the rain-drenched wet seasons back home. Typhoons have come & gone. Earthquakes have plagued my life. But the greatest cause of my private sorrows & pain are my own bad decisions and iniquities.

My life is a cautionary tale… for whom?

It’s anybody’s guess. All I want to do is write and hope that a stranger like you would drop by and take a peek into a microcosm called “my life”.

Once in a while I’ll be posting something here… sort of like journal entries. πŸ™‚

Am terribly unhappy. At times, ecstatic… optimistic & hopeful. And then sad, apathetic… withdrawing from the world.

But who hasn’t felt this way? Haven’t we all got a story to tell? If anyone would care to listen.

And I agree, I am a pain in the ass. I am.

Like you, I am determined to make it to the finish line. πŸ˜€


May 8, 2014: Two years have gone by…

How do I start narrating what happened to me here – in this great city called Dubai? I mean, great for some, maybe. Not really for me. But I am here, trapped and unhappy. I must cope. I have coped. And I will continue coping. Work starts in an hour… tomorrow, I guess I can write some more. Perhaps even everything.